Steel Roof Trusses

Nexus Steel is a trusted roof truss supplier and installer having a catalogue of prefabricated trusses with customised lengths that are ideal for all designated heights to build roofs of any size or shape. We are accustomed to accommodating exceedingly intricate forms of steel roof truss designs because all of our trusses are constructed to order.

Since every construction project is unique, so are the roof trusses needed. That’s why, we supply steel roof trusses in various shapes and sizes as needed by our clients. Our steel roof trusses meet all building control regulations, layout drawings and individual truss drawing specifications.

Advantages of Roof Trusses

Advantages of using steel roof trusses are similar to the advantages steel material offers. Steel trusses are sturdy, long-lasting, and resistant to issues wood trusses often exhibit, this is why installing steel roof truss is a better choice.

Types of Roof Trusses

There are different types of roof trusses available, depending on their shape, size, and profile. Our structural steel roof trusses suppliers in Melbourne can safely design and fabricate them to any design specification you need, including King post, Queen post, Fink, Fan, 6:4, Howe, Double W, Raised Tie, Scissor, Modified Scissor, Mono, Hip, Lattice, Cantilevered, Part-profiled and more.

If you would like any further information or technical advice on which roof truss will work ideally for your structure, feel free to get in touch with our steel truss manufacturers in Melbourne. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Custom-cut Roof Truss Designs

Nexus Steel has years of experience in design and installation of roof trusses that exceeds our customers’ expectations. If you need steel trusses for roofs of any size or shape, we are here to design, fabricate and supply one for you.

Give us a call right away to let us know the type and measurements of the roof trusses you need for your next roofing project, and our team will customise them for you right away.

Steel Roof Trusses

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