Masters In Steel Craftsmanship In Victoria.

People in Victoria trust Nexus Steel when it comes to buying Steel Frames. Our team has holistic knowledge, rich experience, insight in designing, and crafting custom steel frames.

About Nexus Steel

Australian Owned & Operated Steel Company

Nexus Steel is a trusted dealer of high quality and durable steel frames in Melbourne and its surroundings. Whether you are looking for steel frames or trusses, we supply them all. We procure only Australian steel for its quality and consistency.

Key Features of Nexus Steel

Modern Design

Modern innovative designs of steel frames are a product of imagination and creativity. Our steel frames are designed to suit your requirements and can be adapted to almost any style.

Robust Manufacturing

Our steel frames are engineered for quality, efficiency and durability. The steel structures are suitable for industrial and civil construction.

Termite Free

Steel Frames manufactured by Nexus Steel are 100 percent termite and borer proof. Our steel frames don’t need routine chemical treatments to protect them from pest attack.


Our Steel Frames are backed by a ___ year warranty providing you peace of mind protection for your building project.

Advantages of Choosing Steel Frames

Wide Use of Our Steel Frames

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