Steel Floor Joists

Looking for steel floor joists? At Nexus Steel, we are floor joist suppliers in Melbourne providing high quality steel floor joists to transfer the load imposed on the floor to the structural frames, including beams and columns. With years of industry experience, we have developed stringent quality standards and ensure to exceed them at every cost. We design, fabricate and supply floor joists that meet a wide range of building requirement codes and standards.

Our steel joists provide the much needed support to the building floors and are ideal for use in structures, such as schools, industries, warehouses, and many more. Our steel engineers excel at fabricating floor joists in a variety of sizes, making sure that each one is custom-made to fit your building requirements.

Unmatched Quality & Durability

Nexus Steel is dedicated to delivering superior quality floor joists that goes above and beyond project specifications. Our structural steel installers in Melbourne are certified and experienced to ensure each of our products are of the best quality standards and meticulously tested before being dispatched.

Floor joists in Melbourne are the top choice among clients searching for durable steel supplies for their upcoming residential or commercial construction projects. As a pioneer in the structural steel industry, we have assisted hundreds of builders and homeowners by supplying the best quality steel floor joists.

Why Opt For Floor Joists?

The foundation of a floor is made up of horizontal supports called steel floor joists. When compared to other joist materials, structural steel joists are comparatively sturdy and long-lasting. It offers a number of benefits, including unmatched strength, high endurance, proper alignment and more.

Also, these joists can withstand damage from water, mould, pest infestations, and other issues that traditional wood joists can’t handle. Though the cost of steel joists is comparatively more, they less likely need repair over the course of their life.

Advantages Of Our Steel Floor Joists

As one of the leading steel framing floor joists suppliers in Melbourne, we have established an in-house team that takes into account quality control, durability, and reliability to ensure your structure withstands the test of the time. Some of the advantages of using steel floor joists include:

Steel Floor Joists

Custom Designed Steel Floor Joists Installed To Perfection

At Nexus Steel, we fabricate premium steel joists and are leading steel joist suppliers in Melbourne that leaves no stone unturned to meet our client’s project requirements. Before being dispatched to you, these joists are tested for durability and performance.

Also, steel joists do not warp, decay, shrink, or sag as compared to its timber alternatives. Since steel is a great material to use for building floors that are more prone to moisture; they are resistance to termites and mould infestation. Steel joist flooring is less noisy and doesn’t split like wooden floors do.

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