Steel Wall Frames

Need steel wall frames for your construction project? Nexus Steel is your trusted steel frame supplier in Melbourne specialising in supplying high quality Australian made steel wall frames that are fabricated to meet the exact specifications for your structure.

Our high quality steel wall frames ensure strong and long lasting structures that are here to withstand the extreme weather conditions and the test of time. If you are in search of steel frame suppliers in Melbourne and all over Victoria, we are the ones to rely on. Our steel wall frames are ideal for termite infected areas; are non-combustible, heat resistant and 100% recyclable.

No matter, what your construction needs are, our wall frames are used in:

Residential & Commercial Facade Frames

With accurate measurements and precision

Commercial Light Steel Frame Buildings

Which are strong, light, and quickly constructed

Student Retreats, Pods & Granny Flats

With expansive spaces at a little expense

Multi-residential Steel Frame Homes

Which are strong, sturdy and easy to build

Why Opt For Our Steel Wall Frames?

Structural steel framing in Melbourne is a strong, dependable, affordable, and environmentally friendly choice for low-rise and multi-residential framing projects. By laying down the steel frames in vertical and horizontal formations, our steel frame installers in Melbourne can install all sorts of wall frames as per the structural measurements. Some advantages of steel wall frames include:

Melbourne Based Steel Wall Frame Installers For Building Projects

Nexus Steel is one of the best steel framing companies in Melbourne having a wide variety of structural wall frames ready for installation.

Our team of wall frame installers in Melbourne are highly skilled and experienced in installing wall frames for all building projects. We follow all the safety and accuracy standards when laying down steel wall frames. Once we measure the frame size that is ideal for your wall, we’ll custom cut and fasten the structural steel components to the masonry walls using steel plates and anchor bolts.

Steel Wall Frames

Benefits of Choosing Us For Steel Framing For Builders

Being one of the trusted steel frame companies in Melbourne, we have got you covered for everything but steel, right from the design to installation and approval. Our steel frames are lighter in weight and easier to handle.

Also, you can efficiently lay down straight walls and square corners with pretty less scrap compared to timber. Since steel is considered a better building material due to its durability and strength, builders who build using structural steel are given more preference. Our wall frames are:

Our steel frames are lightweight, sturdy, and quick to erect. The great spanning capabilities of these frames allow designers and homeowners to create open and modern designs with a sense of freedom.

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