Light Gauge Steel Frame Supply & Install

Nexus Steel is one of the leading light gauge steel frame suppliers and installers in Melbourne having more than a decade of experience. Our light gauge steel frames are highly durable and last for years. Every component of our framing system is quality-tested before being delivered to the job site.

As local steel frame suppliers in Melbourne, we provide a full range of light weight steel frame services, including designing, fabricating, and on-site installation.

By supplying and installing the best light gauge steel frames, we promise to provide you cutting-edge features integrated into a framing structure. Our framing system is ideal for constructing roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, studs, joists, headers, and trusses. These frames act as the foundation for both primary and secondary structures and provide lateral support to exterior wall finishes.

Advantages Of Light Gauge Steel Supply

One of the most sustainable building techniques currently accessible is the light gauge steel frame system, which offers benefits including:

At Nexus Steel, we specialise at light gauge steel framing in Melbourne to ensure speedy construction without using bulky tools or equipment. These frames can take on any shape, and a variety of materials can be used to clad and insulate them.

Also, light gauge steel structures are non-combustible and do not rot, shrink, warp, or decompose like wood structures.

Why Opt For Light Gauge Steel Framing?

At Nexus Steel, our light gauge steel framing systems are composed of zinc-coated cold formed steel sheets that are 60-70% lighter than wood. This ensures an increased resistance to earthquakes and strong winds, also ensuring minimal damage due to light structure.

This lightweight framing system is used to build frames for interior and exterior walls, floors, and other surfaces. Since light-gauge steel frame systems are ideal for buildings, they turn out to be cost-effective and are gaining tremendous popularity.

In average, the lifetime of a light gauge steel structure when properly installed is up to 150 years. In contrast to wood, they neither age nor crack, and cannot be attacked by pests. Also, the double zinc coating profile guards the structure against corrosion.

If you are looking for light gauge steel frame suppliers near me, Nexus Steel is your go-to choice. We can even custom cut and fabricate a light steel framing system depending on your building needs.

Light Gauge Steel Frame Supply & Install

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